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Pay attention to health, children's furniture is not a child's play

My country's first furniture-specific standard for children aged 3-14-"General Technical Requirements for Children's Furniture" was formally implemented in August 2011. It aims to require children's furniture to adopt higher environmental and safety standards than adult furniture. The industry generally believes that the official introduction of "Technology" will help regulate the current chaotic children's furniture market, and consumers can also buy more environmentally friendly and safe children's furniture products.

Good quality makes kindergarten furniture more durable

No matter how good the furniture is, it can’t withstand continuous play, so you can’t over-demand the durability of your baby’s playing with the furniture. You must understand your child’s mood, whether it is an adult or a child, so you can bring your child to make more friends. A few children then exchange furniture. This will not only maintain the freshness of the furniture, but also make full use of the furniture. At the same time, it can educate the baby to understand giving and sharing, and knowing that you can get rewards if you pay.

Three trends in the development of children's furniture in my country

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of our country's economic level, our expectations for children have also become higher and higher. Various children's products are also released at this time. Parents and friends are investing more and more in the face of children's development problems. The development of children's furniture has also reached a peak. Traditional children's furniture is very simple and rudimentary, and does not fully consider the child's physical and mental health. After years of changes in concepts and ideas, modern children's furniture brands with "environmental protection, green and safety" as the promotion are constantly appearing on the market. There are also three development trends in children's furniture on the market. Here is a brief introduction to the three trends:

Insufficient implementation of the "new national standard" of children's furniture, brands occupy market share

According to the editor, since the launch of the “New National Standard” for children’s furniture on August 1, 2012, my country’s efforts to implement the “New National Standard” have yet to be strengthened. It can be seen from the market that many children's furniture do not fully meet the "new national standard" standards. Although new standards have been introduced to completely separate children's furniture from adult furniture, what is the "new national standard" for current parents and friends And few people know the specific content at all. Here, the editor will give you a brief introduction of the new national standard:

Children's furniture "promotions" need to be treated with caution

Since the beginning of the spring, many children's furniture vendors have begun to carry out spring sales activities. According to a survey conducted by the editor, many merchants carrying out promotional activities have serious safety hazards. Here, I remind everyone to be cautious when buying these cheap products.

The hazards of inferior children's beds to children's health

At present, there are a dazzling array of children's bed products on the market, and the beds suitable for children of different ages are also different. If you want to choose a children's bed that can meet the needs of children in various periods, then when choosing children's furniture, you must pay attention to the flexibility of the bed. Choosing the right bed is not the most important thing. The so-called health is a blessing, and we should pay more attention to the health of children. A best-selling product will inevitably have some profit-only manufacturers appear as shoddy. Here is an explanation of the harm of inferior cribs to children:
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